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Obitus was formed in May 2000 by Anders and Johan. That summer a demo MCDr, Coup De Grâce, was recorded and released. The demo was received very well and got acclaims for its brutal and uncompromising sound.

Obitus next endeavor was to appear on 4-way split, Gather Against Humanity, with USBM hordes Kult ov Azazel & Humanicide as well as French Thy Lord. After countless delays the split was finally released on Christcrusher Productions.

During 2001 and 2002 Obitus worked on their first full length album, Sonnilon. However these were rough years and as both members were also in other bands Obitus was neglected more and more. Finally in 2005 the situation had stabilized and Obitus was once again the members main focus. The songs on Sonnilon were now almost five years old and releasing it as a new Obitus album felt wrong; there had been growth both musically and lyrically these years and the Sonnilon didn't feel representative of Obitus 2005. The material was shelved.

In 2006 some new equipment, mainly for vocal recording, was bought and needed to be tested; as not enough new material had been written to test it on, three old songs from Sonnilon were resurrected and experimented with. The result was good enough that it felt like a waste to not do anything with it. An EP, Strategema, of these three songs was released.

During 2005 and 2006, Obitus spent all their time writing music and lyrics for the new album, during the last months of 2006 everything was recorded and mixed, and in December the product was sent to Peter in de Betou at Tailor Maid Production for mastering. The result was The March of the Drones: a release that defies all preconceived concepts of any normal album; 45 minutes of uninterrupted music all recorded as one seamless arrangement.

In 2013 Obitus was approached to contribute a song to the Elemental Nightmares project. The project consisted of seven 10" splits, each featuring four bands. Obitus contributed the song Panopticontopia on their split which also featured Canopy, Harasai, and Kall. To this date this split is the only one which is completely sold out.

During the latter part of 2014 Obitus started writing and recording their next full length album. Like their previous release The March of the Drones it would once again be a single album length song. Recording and mixing were completed in late 2015, and February 2017 saw the release of Slaves of the Vast Machine to much acclaim.