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Today, marks 20 years to the day since our first release, the demo EP, Coup De Grâce. We recorded this in our own "studio" which at the time was nothing more the a desk and a computer in Anders' apartment. Drums were a VST plug-in called LM-4, guitars and bass were just recorded through the sound card. Logistically the most difficult (interesting?) part was recording vocals, as this was an multifamily housing complex just standing out in the room and recording black metal shrieks would probably have resulted in the police being called, but between the office and the bathroom there was a closet type space open from both rooms which was meant to dry clothes. As such it had clotheslines running across the ceiling, so we slung some mattresses and sheets over these clotheslines and then turned that space into a vocal booth. Now the room had no lights, so we had to leave doors on either side slightly ajar so that the lyric sheet could be read, so while the police was never called the neighbors never made eye contact again. While the limited amount of CDs we made of this EP have long been sold out it is available on bandcamp and should be appearing on Spotify, Apple Music, etc in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

News Update:

Six months after we released Slaves of the Vast Machine we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. We've collected all the reviews in the reviews section. If you've seen any reviews not featured here let us know.

If you've yet to pick up a a physical copy or t-shirt you can still do so here webshop. For those who prefer a digital version that's on out bandcamp page.

News Update:

Release date for Slaves of the Vast Machine is February 16th 2017, we are taking pre-orders on CDs and shirts at our webshop. For those who prefer a digital version we pre-orders are also up on bandcamp

The reviews section has been updated with a couple of early reviews, check them out people are quite enraptured by it!

Press Release:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

A vision of our future dystopia is presented on Slaves of the Vast Machine, the new album from the Swedish Misanthropic Black Metal duo 'Obitus'. After their 2009 full-length March of the Drones and an EP in 2014, they return with their most solid album yet!

Slaves of the Vast Machine conveys human aimlessness and desperation amidst total social control with some brilliant icy riffs and dissonant tones. This is harsh progressive post-Black Metal that is relentless and chaotic from start to finish with some really solid tremolo-picking melodies, inexorable atmosphere, and a complete disregard for humanity.

This work is a single 45 minute track, a monolith without pause and as relentless as totalitarianism.

Slaves of the Vast Machine will be co-released by Black Plague Records and Hypnotic Dirge Records in early 2017.

News Update:

We have concluded recording and mixing our next full-length album. We will shortly start soliciting record labels to work with us on getting this out. Artwork and title will be revealed at a later date.

News Update:

October 25th saw the release of our split in the Elemental Nightmares project. In addition to our brand new and exclusive track "Panopticotopia" it features Canopy, Harasai, and Kall. This is the fourth 10" in the series the previous and it can be ordered in both physical and digital formats from the Elemental Nighmares site today, their facebook page features more information.

News Update:

We will be contributing a new track to Elemental Nightmares, a new project consisting of 13 7" vinyl splits resulting in 26 new and exclusive tracks from some amazing bands. Make sure to visit the site and pre-order today, and check out the facebook page for more up to date info.

News Update:

We are now streaming all Obitus releases for free at, and you can of course purchace digital versions of all our releases including the sold out demo Coup De Grâce. For those that still want the physical good, we still sell CDs and we're taking pre-orders for the next batch of Obitus hoodies, all of this of course at our webshop

News Update:

Starting today all available Obitus merchendise will be sold through our new webshop at In addition to the CDs that are still available we're also taking pre-orders for newly made Obitus hoodies.

News Update:

I've updated the reviews section, it seems the news was never updated despite many reviews now available for "The March of the Drones"

News Update:

I've just received a shipment of CDs here in the US, so anybody wanting to purchase one outside of EU can contact me directly at

Price is $13 and this includes postage in the US. There might be additional postage costs outside of the US.

For customers in the EU please use the Eerie Art's Official webshop at

News Update:

Eerie Art today released "The March of the Drones" it is now available for purchase through New Sun Order.

"The March of the Drones" is Obitus second full length and fifth over all release, it was recorded and mixed in Studio H. Manaicus by Obitus during 2005 and 2006. It was mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Made Production in December 2006.

Eerie Art Records:

New Sun Order:

Press Release:

Swedish black metallers Obitus, have signed with Eerie Art Records. First out will be "The March of the Drones" due in early 2009.

"The March of the Drones" is Obitus second full length and fifth over all release, it was recorded and mixed in Studio H. Manaicus by Obitus during 2005 and 2006. It was mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Made Production in December 2006.

With "The March of the Drones" scheduled for release Obitus is now starting to prepare for our next full length.

Comments Obitus: "We're very happy to be working with Eerie Art; having seen them in action with Waning we have nothing but the highest regards for them."

Obitus is:

Anders Ahlbäck - All music and instruments
Johan Huldtgren - All lyrics and vocals

Excerpts from all Obitus releases can be found at:

Eerie Art Records:

News Update:

Two more reviews for
The March of the Drones have been posted in the reviews section.

News Update:

Two reviews for
The March of the Drones have been posted in the reviews section.

Downloads available:

Songs from
The March of the Drones are available for streaming at our myspace page.

Press Release:

Obitus has hereby concluded all recording, mixing and mastering of their 2nd full length album "The March of the Drones". The album was recorded and mixed in Studio H. Manaicus by Obitus during 2005 and 2006. It was mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Made Production in December 2006. Obitus is currently not signed and is taking offers from interested parties to release this album.

Track listing as follows:

Part I: Summer
1. Sacrificial Abolishment
2. Now We're Nothing
3. The March of the Drones

Part II: Fall
4. Hypothesis
5. Inconsequential

Part III: Winter
6. The Endless Void
7. The Drone Marches On

Total running time: 44:32

A sample has been posted on our web pages, see links below.

The mp3 can be found in the media section

News update:

We've finished recording the new album. Mixing will be finished on Monday, and late next week it will be sent for mastering. Title and tracks will be announced shortly.

News update:

We're happy to say that we've finished composing the new album. We expect to start the final recording process in the next week.

There are also two new reviews of Strategema online now, please see the reviews section.

News update:

We've taken a bit of a break during the summer, but recently started the composition process back up again. The new material is progressing very well, last weekend we did some preliminary vocal tracking out in the studio and we're very pleased with the result. Looking forward to going back out and starting the real recording soon.

News update:

For customers in Canada, our Strategema EP can now be purchased from Sardonic Wrath Records

News update:

Our new EP Strategema is released. To order please contact Price is 50 SEK / €6 / $7 plus shipping.

These three songs were written during the
Sonnilon recording sessions of 2001 and 2002. They were representative of Obitus anno 2001, not necessarily true for Obitus 2006. Nevertheless we decided to release these three songs, you can see them as a historical document.

An mp3 can be found in the media section.

News update:

During the last six months composition for our new, as yet untitled album, has progressed fast. To date we have roughly two thirds of the music written and are looking forward to start the recording process soon.

We have also recorded vocals and bass for three old songs that we are now releasing as an EP. Unfortunately during the printing process some errors occurred and the artwork came out completely black and white and the nuances were completely lost. If you wish to see how the artwork was supposed to look you can look here (RAR archive, save to disk). There will be an announcement here as soon as the EP is ready to order.

Yearly news update:

After spending over a year working out various issues ranging from minor technicalities to relocations to major equipment changes, we've started the composition process for the next album. The work is currently progressing in a satisfactory fashion.

A Bit of News:

First of all, our planned full length album
Sonnilon, has been canceled. The reason for this decision is simple, Sonnilon was written during the end of 2001 and beginning of 2002. This material is a few years old now and we feel that it wouldn't be right to release this now as a new Obitus full length.

However it's not all bad news. We are working on some new material, I'm not going to give any time frame for this, but let it be known that we are actively working on things.

I've also uploaded mp3's for all our songs from the
Coup De Grâce MCDr and our four songs from Gather against Humanity. See the media section for downloads. Enjoy.

The beast stirs:

Looks like there might finally be some movement in the Obitus camp. Nothing confirmed yet, but watch this space.

Yet another yearly update:

So once again almost a year has passed and still nothing new to report. Reasons for this are as usual numerous, but mostly we've just been very busy with our other band with whom we recently recorded a MCD for release later this year. Those whom might be interested can check it out here shortly, the page is still under development. So once again we can hope that perhaps this year will see another Obitus release. Time will tell.

First news in almost a year:

As of a few weeks ago the
Coup De Grâce MCD is sold out.

The preview of the new song has also been taken down as it's quality was far inferior to what can be expected of the new Obitus material.

We are still searching for a suitable label to release our upcoming album and as we are(and have been) extremely busy we are letting this take it's time. The new material is ready though and we are looking forward to releasing it as soon as we can. We would however like to make a serious release so we are biding our time and waiting for the right opportunity.

A new promo package is being prepared for which three of the new songs will be recorded. Parties interested in receiving this promo can contact me.

The preview song has been updated, it's just slightly remasterd, since we were quite unhappy with the original mix. Please note that esp. the vocals, are very improvised and not what you can expect of the new album.

The media section has been updated, and now features a preview of a brand new song from the upcoming album

This song will be featured on that special very limited promotion pack that we are preparing to send to a few select labels we think might deserve to release the full length, if you have a label or know of one you think is worthy of Obitus, e-mail me at This will also from now on be the official contact e-mail for Obitus.

I changed the media section so the mp3's can now be downloaded directly from this page. I also added an mp3 from the 4-way split.

In other news work on the new album is coming long nicely with the music being nearly done. We recently also finished recording the track "From The Dark Past", originally by Mayhem, to be on the upcoming Mayhem tribute: "De Tributi Dom Sathanae" out on Christcrusher Productions & Blasphemic Hymns

Just an update, we are currently working on the material for the full length album. So far about 70% of the music has been written. We're talking to different labels about a possible deal for the album. We expect to have it done by late spring, early summer; when the album is actually released depends on how we choose to release it. Stay tuned for more details.

Added a new review to the reviews page.

The 4-way split has been released, it's available from R.A.P.E. Records here in Scandinavia. I'm also going to move this site in a few weeks when I change ISP's, this will cause some downtime to the site.

Site redesign, launched.